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Use bar charts to show, at a minimum, sales and net profits, gross margin, cash flow and net worth by the year.

 Three-dimensional bars can appear more professional, however it is easier to see two-dimensional bar. Be sure that the numbers are clear.

 Stacked bars can be used to see totals. If you have sales that are divided into segments, you can stack your bars to display the total.

 Pie charts can be used to calculate market share and market segments.

 Show tasks and milestones with horizontal bars. There are labels on the bottom. Dates can be displayed along the top. Most people call this a Gantt chart. The chart should be limited to the most important milestones and tasks. A lot of details could cause it to be difficult to read.

 So that readers can quickly refer to them and identify the numbers on the charts, it's recommended to include the sources in a table of summary. The numbers in the source are easily accessed by business plan readers. That's frustrating.

 It is important to reference any chart in the text. If source numbers aren’t obvious from the tables of summary, make sure to specify which appendices include the detailed numbers.

 Polish the overall style. You want your text to appear inviting and easy to read and not just the words. Follow my suggestions.

 Make sure you use only two fonts when writing text. The font you use for headings should be a basic sans-serif font, such as Arial, Tahoma or Verdana. Standard text fonts like Century Times Roman, Book Antigua, and Times Roman are recommended for the body text.

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 Avoid small fonts. There are only a handful of fonts that are suitable at 10 points and the majority of fonts are best when they are between 11 and 12 points.

 Page breaks can be used to break up sections and highlight tables. It is always possible to go to the next webpage when you are unsure. There is no need to be concerned about having to move to the next page.

 You should use lots of white space. Do not try to squeeze words into small spaces.

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 Use your spell-checker to ensure accuracy. It is important to proofread your text to ensure that you're not using an incorrect word. Double-check that the text numbers in your tables match yours.