Fashion Menu Four Ways to Style Overalls

 Although we've probably thrown away a lot of our childhood wardrobe essentials, overalls are a timeless favorite that we still wear over and over again. These comfortable, functional fashion pieces remain a timeless staple. Let's bring back the 90s to our wardrobe. The art of layering can be a challenge, whether you're wearing denim overalls that have a classic style or something more casual, like shortalls or a sleeveless top.

 Fashion Menu provides four different sets of overalls suitable for both summer and cooler months. Save your favorites!

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 This simple and practical outfit is great for those days when you don’t need to think ahead. Simply layer a white shirt over your black overalls, and make it a day. It might sound easy however overalls and white shirts can be worn anytime, even during the daytime. Make use of a hairband with ribs to tie your hair and a net bag to keep your essentials. It's easy to make your overalls look more elegant by tying them. To finish off the look, put on the square-toed mules.

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 Make sure you have this outfit on hand for Coachella next summer or any other live events. Dress in your most stylish jeans shorts, a "hot girl" summer must-have, with an oversized red peasant shirt. The  fit can be left unfinished for a relaxed style. You can add a touch of style with an afghan hat and boots. To create a boho-chic style, you can include a fanny pack made of denim and a paisley-print wristband to finish the look.