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Fashion Menu: How to Style Overalls

 While we've likely ditched many of the essentials from our childhood wardrobes the overalls are a timeless favorite that we can still wear over and over time. They're versatile and still a fashionable staple. Let's inject the 90s vibe back to our wardrobes! You can challenge your layering abilities by wearing denim overalls that are classic, or other variations such as overall dresses or shortalls.

 Fashion Menu has four options to choose from. These overalls can be worn in all seasons. Make sure you save your favorite!

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 These easy-going, practical outfits are great for days when you don’t need to spend a lot of time making plans. Simply layer a white tee over black overalls and call it a day! It may appear basic however pairing overalls with a white tee is an extremely versatile choice that works perfectly anytime during the day. Tie your hair up with a ribbed knot headband and stylishly store everything you need in a stylish net bag. To make your look more professional, tie your overalls with a belt that defines your waist. Add a pair of square-toe mules to complete the look.

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 Keep this look in mind for next year's Coachella or any of the upcoming live shows! Wear your most fashionable jeans shorts and a "hot girl" summer essential, and an oversized red peasant shirt. The  fit is a great one to leave unfinished to give it an unpretentious style. Don't be afraid to add additional trendy elements by wearing a cool cowboy hat and boots! For a boho style, you can add a denim fanny bag and a wristband with paisley prints to finish the style.