breezy style wear them with similar toned pieces

These sandals will complete your future outfits

 Style-lovers everywhere rejoice: Fashion is alive! We enjoyed the massive fashion-forward loungewear trend in the year 2020, summer 2021 was an entirely different story. We're ready to play the sartorial game. Think of all the items you've waiting to be reconnected with. Denim! Dresses! All the cute open-toe sandals!

 This guide will allow you to effortlessly put together outfits for any occasion. It begins with the most familar fashion category that is shoes. It's easy to find the perfect outfit for every occasion, and even the most stylish and comfortable sandals to match it. Because fashion may be back, but comfort is still king!

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 The last thing you want is to be thinking about how adorable you appear while you're trying to leave the house, especially after having a cup of coffee. That's where throw-on-and-go pieces come into play. It's simple to mix and match with a variety of comfortable and versatile items such as cushioned, neutral, leather sandals, ribbed numbers. Button-down shirts and jackets as well as roomy tote bags. Start with the Reef Cushion Sol Sandals, or Cushion Court Sandals to create a sophisticated version of flip-flops. Then add an ribbed jumpsuit that is made of pastels and finished with a light outer and textured accessories.

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 It isn't summer if you didn't spend some time at the pool. It's also a good excuse to get some trendy pool accessories, starting with water-friendly sandals. The Reef Water Vista Sandals are stylish and functional, thanks to their Velcro design and espadrille style detailing. For a breezy style wear them with similar toned pieces. If you're looking to create a bold fashion statement, go to go with the Pool Float Sandals with their big straps and a bold color.