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A brief Introduction to Business Plans

 A business plan is an outline of the future of your business. It is all you have to be aware of. It outlines the things you plan to do and how. If you jot down an article on the back of an envelope describing your business strategy, you've written a plan, or at least the basic idea of a plan.

 Writing and reading business plans can assist in various tasks. Investor-seeking entrepreneurs use them to communicate their vision to potential investors. They can be utilized by businesses who wish to recruit key employees, acquire new business, deal with suppliers, and simply understand how to run their own businesses.

 What exactly is an effective business plan? And how can you create one? Simply stated the business plan outlines your goals for business and strategies to achieve them, the possible issues that could arise for your business and solutions to these, the structure of your company (including the titles and the responsibilities), and finally the amount of capital needed to finance your business and keep it going until it reaches a point where it is profitable.

 Does this sound impressive? If done properly it could be. A business plan should follow established guidelines for content and form. There are three parts to a business planning:

 The first is the business plan. In this section, you discuss the industry, your structure of your business, and how you plan make your business succeed.

 The marketplace section is where you describe and analyse possible customers. Where and who are they? What is it that makes them buy? You can also explain your competitors and the way you can position yourself to win it.

 The financial section includes your income and cashflow statements, balance sheets as well as other ratios of financials, such as break-even analysis. This section might need help from your accountant.

 If you break down these three sections further, you will discover that a successful business program is comprised of seven main components.

 Executive Summary

 Business description

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 Market strategies

 Competitive analysis

 Design and development plan

 Operations and management plan

 Financial factors

 A business plan should have these sections along with a cover page, title page and table of content.

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 What are the reasons You Must Have a Business Plan