These questions will help you to identify

These questions will help you to identify the obstacles you have to conquer before launching a business.

The company wouldn't be profitable if it didn't have enough customers.


Do you think that this venture will fail because you don’t have the knowledge necessary?

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The business won't be successful If your product or service isn't adequate.


These questions will help you fill a market gap as effectively as you can- increasing your chances of success.

Are there ways you can gradually pour resources into the gap? This will ensure your business does not fail to grow and you don't fill the gap in a hurry.

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Do you think it is possible to do this by beginning with a smaller amount? Can you sublet a portion of a commercial space, instead of the entire space? Can customers to sign up prior to the time of their appointment? Do you have the ability to set it up in your home in the absence of any customers? Perhaps, you could fill only a small portion of the gap to start?